1. Client reserves his masseuse on the masseuses page, via telephone, to contact the customer service representatives or account manager.

2. With the confirmation from client after the communication, then we send our girls. (During this step, client can clarify his requirements, better for us to make proposals).

3. Masseuse arrives client's room(Door-to-door service), with the satisfation from the client, she will commence the service.

4. After service, client pays cash to masseuse directly.


1. If masseuse request extra fee, please contact us immediately, we'll ensure your deserved rights.
2. Please tell us your real name, hotel room number or appartment NO., those infomations are essential, to make the girls reach you ASAP.
3. As the personnel turnover in massage industry, in order to protect your privacy and financial rights, DO NOT contact the masseuse directly. All our clients(new or returning) should masseuses through the available approaches on our website, unless we'll not take the responsibility for any relavant problems. We only have one branch in beijing.